February 7, 2020

OJAs recognized as first major awards program to honor collaborations and partnerships

Scott Klein of ProPublica accepts the 2019 OJA for Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships for Electionland, a large-scale reporting project which covered voting access, cybersecurity and election integrity in the 2018 midterm elections. (Photo for the Online News Association)

In the ever-evolving journalism industry, one trend is clear: Collaborative reporting is on the rise. According to the Center for Cooperative Media, “working with a variety of media organizations is a key factor for success.” They cited the Online Journalism Awards as “the first major U.S. awards program” to respond to this trend with the introduction of the Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships award.

Created in 2018, this OJA category honors newsrooms and companies who have formed partnerships or collaborations to cover a topic or story with a digital focus — reflecting a trend in the digital journalism industry, and echoed by feedback from our community.

Inaugural winner Verificado 2018 earned recognition for the largest-ever reporting collaboration in Latin America, with over 90 partners working to fact-check politicians and debunk viral misinformation during Mexico’s 2018 elections. In 2019, Electionland won in the category for a collaborative reporting project that produced more than 230 stories on voting access, cybersecurity and election integrity in the 2018 U.S. midterm elections. Both projects demonstrated creativity and innovation in their approaches to collaborative digital storytelling, while preserving the highest levels of journalistic excellence.

Read more from the Center for Cooperative Media on the state of awards for collaborative projects.

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