2015 Topical Reporting, Small Newsroom finalist

Abuse And Neglect at Lakeview


Jack Rodolico


Topical Reporting, Small Newsroom


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About the Project

Since September 2014, Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center in Effingham has been under scrutiny for abusing and neglecting some of the people it cares for – children and adults with brain injuries and developmental disabilities. NHPR has been looking into these accusations, and it turns out the state had warning signs about Lakeview going back to at least 2011.

Jack Rodolico is NHPR’s Health reporter. In March 2015, after he had been following developments at the troubled center for a series of small news stories, NHPR launched an ongoing news series for which Jack initially produced four multi-platform (radio and web) pieces of content, including two long radio features, a reporter’s notebook and a digital story explaining conditions at Lakeview’s school. Digital components of the story include embedded documents, slideshows, and photo galleries.

The first two features were re-printed with permission as front-page Sunday/Monday news features in New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the Union Leader. This is the first time the UL has reprinted a story from another outlet in this context.

NHPR’s coverage of this important story has served not only to illuminate issues at the troubled institution, but also uncovered the state’s role in continuing to license the facility despite undeniable patterns of abuse and neglect. Jack is continuing to cover developments around Lakeview; all the stories can be viewed on the series page (the final link provided).