2022 Excellence in Newsletters, Single Newsletter finalist

Cannabis CT

About the Project

When Connecticut legalized adult-use cannabis last year, people had questions — lots of them — and the internet was spewing misinformation — lots of it.

Cannabis CT is a seven-day newsletter course we created in part to combat the misinformation. With so many angles to cover and so much important information to convey, it seemed more ideal than writing occasional FAQs that readers may or may not find.

The course, which launched in February 2022 and was available for several months, covered topics including:

-What Connecticut’s new rules mean for people with past convictions
-The limitations the law sets on police, companies and other entities
-Where consumption is allowed
-What to know about the makeup of various strains and how they could affect you
-What to expect when visiting a dispensary
-How the state’s medical cannabis program works and whether recreational legalization will change it
-Things to know about growing cannabis at home

In some cases, we couldn’t find the information online because it wasn’t, or at least wasn’t easy to find. We instead spoke to researchers to understand why, for example, people should be wary of the popular labels indica and sativa. We also reported on how cannabinoids and certain types of terpenes can impact the scent, taste and, in some cases, physiological effects of a strain.

Even when the information was more readily available, the course went through countless edits to ensure it was accessible to — and crafted for — the average Connecticut reader. It also was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and different from the other letters we offer.

Taken together, our newsletter course became the most comprehensive, trustworthy journalistic product dedicated to legal cannabis in Connecticut.