2022 Excellence in Newsletters, Portfolio finalist

The Brazilian Report newsletter portfolio

About the Project

Founded in 2017, The Brazilian Report is an English-language media outlet uniquely positioned to offer an insider’s view on current affairs in Brazil. The website runs on a subscription-based model, with daily and weekly newsletters constituting the site’s flagship products.

There are three types of newsletters: two dedicated to Brazil, the focal point of our coverage (one weekly and one daily), and a weekly about other Latin American countries. They are delivered to subscribers’ inboxes from Monday to Friday but are also available on the website.

Succinctness and clarity is what best defines news consumption today and that’s why we offer a concise treatment of the information we deliver to our readers. Not too much to not overload them, just what matters most with relevant analysis.

For less than $200 a year, readers gain access to the Weekly and Daily Briefings, delivered to their inbox from Monday to Friday, and to the Latin America Weekly newsletter.

The digest format leads the audience through the important stories, with key topics organized in an easy-to-follow hierarchy, and plenty of links to longer pieces, should the reader want to delve deeper. Our emoji/ keyword reading strategy allows you to grasp the briefing’s main issues within 10 seconds of browsing. If you decide to deep dive, reading the full newsletter may take five to ten minutes.

The three newsletters have consistent visual identities and formats, allowing readers to build familiarity with the content. Sections are broken down into short subheadings, making the information as easy as possible to digest over a morning coffee.

From Tuesday to Friday, before working hours, the Brazil Daily newsletter is written by editor-in-chief Gustavo Ribeiro and, on many occasions, other journalists from the newsroom, explaining not only what happened in the country but also what will happen on that day.

Besides the typical content curation expected from newsletters, The Brazilian Report’s daily briefings provide timely analysis of the most relevant news stories in Brazil, illustrated with media resources, such as interactive charts and even exclusive interviews. This strategy has proven to add value to the website’s main audience, often made up of foreigners who need to quickly develop a deep understanding of Brazil for career purposes.

The Monday edition consists of the beefed-up Brazil Weekly newsletter, which includes a look back on the previous seven days, key goings-on to watch out for throughout the working week, and an overview of market performance. There is also an exclusive weekly chart, illustrating a selected statistical finding related to the economy, politics, society, or the environment in a manner that is informative, easy to understand, and eye-catching.

Last but not least is the Latin America weekly newsletter, dedicated to events happening in the rest of Latin America outside of Brazil. The first edition of our Latin America Weekly newsletter was published in February 2021. It is released every Wednesday and its approach is more social.