2023 General Excellence in Online Journalism, Medium Newsroom finalist

The Verge

About the Project

When it launched, The Verge started small as a niche site: news about burgeoning tech companies, gadget reviews, and culture coverage that unconventionally emphasized streaming and videogames. Now, over a decade later, the stories that were once cordoned off to “a tech blog” have become the most influential parts of the news cycle; policy and business; and how people go about their everyday lives. Every tech story is about power, security, and progress. As the internet has grown more vital, so has The Verge’s ambitions and authority.

In 2022, The Verge shaped national discourse with relentless, revealing coverage of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter; it exposed internal turmoil within companies like Meta, Netflix, and Apple; and when it came to politics, both domestic and international, The Verge was leading the conversation at the intersection misinformation, platforms, and free speech. Even in the areas that don’t immediately sound like tech stories—immigration, climate change, policing—The Verge makes the case to understand why they are. The ambitious “Homeland” series, looking back on twenty years in the U.S. under the violent bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security, illustrates how tech pervades everything, even unknowingly.

But The Verge does that without surrendering its creativity, personality, and sense of humor. As a digital publication, it is at the forefront of feature art and design. It launched a site redesign in 2022 that featured an innovative home page feed with quick posts — microblogs — interspersed between links to full stories, creating a native hub for our audience to return to over and over again. Rather than rest on its laurels with the successful redesign, The Verge’s art team pushed the boundaries of what was possible with our interface, publishing our first interactive comic in December 2022, and publishing the viral interactive Color Quiz in April 2023.

The Verge’s multi-platform presence — podcasts, newsletters, and successful YouTube and TikTok channels — reaches a young, new audience. Long from the days of being a tech blog, The Verge has become many things: a fast, strong newsroom; a rigorous reviews section; an ambitious narrative features program; and a social media presence with an audience on every major platform. All these things work together to make The Verge a vital and thoroughly modern publication.