2016 Excellence in Visual Digital Storytelling, Small Newsroom finalist

Asunción 360


About the Project

ÑoÑo Transmedia produced the first journalistic 360-video documentary pieces in Argentina, portraying historical events like the 2015 presidential elections, as well as the first presidential ballotage in Argentine history. They documented iconic moments, such as Cristina Fernández crossing the halls of the presidential building on her way to the very last speech as president, as well as Mauricio Macri’s first day in office. These immersive narratives incorporated Motion Graphics, b-roll material, Graphic Media, Data Journalism, Photography, and Social Media strategies.

As well, Ñoño Transmedia partnered with the healthcare foundation “Dónde quiero estar”. Together they’ve been using VR narratives with therapeutic purposes, thus allowing patients under palliative care or chemotherapy to have some peace of mind through immersive VR experiences. As the common principle of social work states: “take them where they’re at, to get them to where they want to be”.

We seek to provide truly immersive 360 narratives that move beyond the “point-and-shoot” logic of simply documenting an event, and provide relevant information that will invite an expansion of understanding. We embrace a human-centered approach to VR stories of social impact because VR presence is an opportunity for empathy.

Our mission is to use VR to empower changemakers around the world, both in a revolution of our storytelling strategies, and by making the tools and technologies available for more people to create those stories.spark conversations about under-reported topics, such as Human Rights violations, climate change, cultural and anthropological diversity, and gender equality.

VR allows us to build stories that grow in a glocal world and ignite action.