2023 Excellence in Audio Digital Storytelling, Ongoing Series finalist

Breakdown: The Trump Grand Jury

About the Project

In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, Georgia became ground zero for one of the biggest election disputes in modern American history. Fake electors. Allegations of voter fraud. A phone call from the sitting president to the state’s top election official asking him to “find” votes.

It’s all led to a historic criminal investigation into whether former President Donald Trump and his allies violated the law by meddling in Georgia’s elections.

In Season 9 of “Breakdown: The Trump Grand Jury,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s award winning legal affairs podcast, we chronicle the special grand jury in Fulton County, which has spent eight months behind closed doors investigating the post-election chaos.

The season, which has more than one million downloads, introduces listeners to the key players in the high-stakes drama and provides unmatched analysis of the complex legal issues at play. Hosts Bill Rankin, senior reporter legal affairs, and Tamar Hallerman, senior enterprise reporter, have a deep understanding of Georgia’s courts and political landscape. That comes through in every episode as they help the listener understand not just what is happening but what it means.

Rankin and Hallerman have landed scoop after scoop in the investigation thanks to their deep sourcing and unmatched institutional knowledge. For those listeners who want a deeper understanding of what the criminal probe in Fulton County will yield, Breakdown has become the place to go.

Also nominated in this entry are Shane Backler, sound engineer/producer/senior producer, podcasts & audio content; Jay Black, audio & podcast program manager; Pete Corson, digital presentation specialist.