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The Death of Alberto Nisman


Redacción de Clarín

Redacción de Clarín

Breaking News, Large Newsroom


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Alberto Nisman was the Argentinean federal attorney who was leading the investigation of the 1994 terrorist attack at a jewish building in Buenos Aires. On January 14th 2015 he accused the current Argentinean President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the country’s Foreign Minister and other top members of her party of covering up the Iranians prosecuted for the bombing. For that accusation Nisman was set to testify before Congress on Monday January 19th. But on the previous night he was found dead, with a shot in his head at his apartment’s bathroom.

The prosecutor’s death triggered a numerous series of breaking news in different fronts: the investigation of Nisman’s crime/suicide; the political reaction to his death; the judicial developments of Nisman’s accusation against the President; people’s marches on the streets of Buenos Aires, and the international impact of the news., as the top digital outlet of a news company in Argentina, was up to the task through a massive coverage of everything occurring during that historic day. The coverage included short news, exclusives, opinion, analysis, high-definition photos, audio, videos and even drone-videos.
On a day where the public (in Argentina and abroad) was overwhelmed by an incident that sparked doubts and uncertainty, Clarín pulled out its journalistic muscle to offer readers facts, clues, insights, context, details, colour and the big picture.

And that effort –a result of a year of convergence between the print and digital newsrooms of Clarín– happened online and was in favour of the website’s readers.

The link submitted on this entry includes a list in chronological order of the top contents published during the first 20 turbulent hours after Nisman was found dead.