2014 Online Commentary, Small Newsroom finalist

Desk Rants, Commentary by Eugene S. Robinson


Eugene Robinson

OZY Media

Online Commentary, Small Newsroom


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About the Project

OZY is a new kind of daily digital magazine that catches people up on what happened over the past 24 hours and vaults them ahead by previewing the people, ideas, products and trends that existing media outlets may get around to next month … or next year. Features are its main component, and range from profiles and trends to analysis and opinions.

Desk Rants by Deputy Editor Eugene S. Robinson are two to three minute slices of opinion expressed with a steady dose of plain spoken, sometimes sardonic, sometimes less than subtle takes on current events and news of the day. Premised on the belief that the style of most televised offerings overshadows the substance, Robinson’s video commentary cuts to the heart of intelligent discourse on any number of different topics, in a way that is much less likely to have your eyes glaze over than not. While shot in a loose, informal style, these clips are anchored by smart ideas and creative approaches, and are pioneering a whole new way to move beyond the traditional “talking head” segment.

Fun, funny and journalistically trenchant, Robinson’s video commentary is the perfect news vehicle for the wised-up Internet generation.