2017 Planned News/Events, Medium Newsroom finalist

Election 2016, OPB

About the Project

OPB’s digital election coverage featured the Visual Voter’s Guide, a series of short videos we created for social media explaining Oregon’s ballot measures. We also created a weekly podcast launched during the summer campaigns and continuing through the election that augmented extensive campaign coverage.

Election night we provided users with an option to personalize the election returns by typing in their address. They were provided with results that corresponded to their own area, or they could view all of the Oregon races.

Results could be seen in colorful charts and maps which evolved throughout the evening. Videos were updated the next day to reflect which measures had passed and failed.

Listen to “The Game Is Afoot” on Spreaker.

The graphics and video explainers were accompanied by mobile alerts, social media updates and articles with more in-depth analysis.

The day after the election large protests broke out in Portland. The planned news event took an unexpected turn and OPB moved into breaking news mode. We featured photos, constant social media updates and continuously updated reporting from the scene followed by in-depth analysis.