2023 Excellence in Social Media Engagement, Large Newsroom winner

How to explain inflation to the audience (without boring them)

About the Project

Nowadays, inflation is a problem around the world. In Argentina it has been a problem since forever. We had two hyperinflations (1989, 1990) and we have monthly inflation that is equal to the annual number of many of the countries of the world.

Traditionally, media outlets cover this news by giving the inflation number, statistics and information that many people don’t understand. Our mission is to change this. We decided to explain and and give context about inflation in Argentina (and the the world) using language and information that everybody could understand.

We made four series of videos:
1000 pesos: A video series that shows how much the 1000 pesos bill lost value during time by comparing it with the amount of a given product you could buy. For example: how many bottles of milk could you buy with 1000 pesos from 2015 to 2022
Economic policies: A video series that compared what presidents and economic ministries said about inflation with the actual annual number
Latam series: A video series that explain how other countries from Latam could win “the battle against inflation”
How much it costs: A video series that showed how many pesos you need to buy a dollar in time and what economic policies were taken

Judges Comments

Inflation is a difficult topic to make compelling. However, LA NACION explained inflation in a way that was social first, interesting and understandable in another language. The graphics and videos were created social-first and dare we say it, a little fun.