2022 Excellence in Social Media Engagement, Large Newsroom winner

VICE World News TikTok

About the Project

VICE World News’ TikTok page grew by almost 1.3 million followers via our coverage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, with more than 240 million views across all videos and 20.6 million likes. Highlights include our on-the-ground coverage from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, while coverage on the scene of anti-war protests in Moscow is our most-watched video to date (23.1 million views).

We have also explained complex subjects (NATO, the refugee crisis) in formats that are familiar to TikTok users. We have posted exclusive interviews with Ukraine’s President and foreign fighters returning from the country, and broken hearts by interviewing a man returning to Ukraine to avenge the death of his son.

Ukraine aside, we have reported on the ground from East Jerusalem, Poland, Sri Lanka, London, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Australia among others, while VICE World News editor and reporters across the world have reached massive global audiences by breaking down complex international stories such as COVID in North Korea, the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, and the Taliban’s crackdown on women’s rights.

By pioneering correspondent-led dispatches in short-form vertical video on TikTok and leaning into formats that are familiar to TikTok users, we have set a new benchmark for the industry in terms of visual news storytelling on social platforms.

Judges Comments

Very strategic and well coordinated, especially with people in the field. The work reflects a sharp knowledge of their audience.