2022 Excellence in Social Media Engagement, Large Newsroom finalist

How to Be Viral With Politicians (And Without Cute Dogs)

About the Project

We had plenty of reunions to decide how we were going to report the legislative elections and what type of product we were going to deliver to our audience. We had three objectives:

– To be useful to our audience. We wanted that our audience could decide which candidate to vote for by viewing our videos.
– We didn’t want to make “funny stuff”. We wanted to make enjoyable and “easy viewing” videos that kept all the excellence of our journalism.
– We wanted to have our videos on every platform. We wanted to see our videos being used in other accounts, and being transformed into memes. We wanted to be viral.

What we did

We created two formats: one in which the candidates reacted to different videos that were trending at the moment (from a viral video of a hip hop artist to a quote of the President) and another format in which the candidates answered their opinion about different topics (abortion, marihuana, economy, etc) to know how the candidates think. We asked them which was the best president that the country had, how they would resolve the inflation problem in our country, what was their position on legal marihuana, and in which currency they saved money, among other questions. We record the candidates in our newsroom in order to have a comfortable ambient for them to explain their thoughts. We didn’t want to emulate a TV set, we wanted to have a relaxed vibe in our videos.