2015 The David Teeuwen Student Journalism Award, Small Newsroom finalist

Loud Austin – The Live Music Capital with a Loud Music Problem

About the Project

began work on this project as part of an advanced coding assignment where I was tasked with finding and navigating a data story concerning music.

As Austin continues to grow and change, one problem facing the local venue/music scene has been the significant uptick in noise complaints levied against them. New residents are pouring into parts of town historically reserved for the city’s entertainment sector and immediately exercising their right to complain. This has placed another burden on the already, in many ways, overtaxed Austin scene.

I examined the number of complaints referring to “loud music” submitted to Austin’s non-emergency 3-1-1 service number over the entirety of 2014 and created several infographics and maps to support and clarify the story. My hope is that the ability to interact with the data might enable residents and musicians to reassess their role in the conflict.