2020 The David Teeuwen Student Journalism Award, Small Newsroom winner

Believe at Your Own Risk



About the Project

This story is about a new attack on cyber privacy. For most, many have heard of deepfake artificial technology, but now there is an additional threat of deepfake revenge pornography. This new genre of deepfakes have caused a rip in multiple laws including privacy/ownership, defamation, cyberbullying and even the first amendment. “Believe at your own risk” takes a new angle on deepfake artificial intelligence by diving deeper in intellectual privacy laws, machine learning and social media rights. Based on my findings not only has deepfake revenge pornagraphy effected a huge demographic, with about 98 percent of the deepfakes online being pornographic, there is no protection through privacy and intellectual privacy laws that protect people in a court of law. The largest finding and threat that has come from this report is that almost all people who have been “deepfaked” will never know that they are a victim.