2016 Planned News/Events, Medium Newsroom winner

One Year in Ferguson

Brent Jones, Stephanie Lecci, Kelsey Proud, Bill Raack and the St. Louis Public Radio Newsroom

St. Louis Public Radio

Planned News/Events, Medium Newsroom


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A deeply immersive experience of a very emotional year.

About the Project

A year unlike any other for St. Louis began when Michael Brown was shot on August 9, 2014.

One year later, as August 9, 2015 approached, St. Louis Public Radio knew news organizations large and small would produce strong journalism to commemorate the anniversary of Brown’s death. We also knew that we could serve St. Louisans best by creating a truly local, deeply immersive experience with audio that kept the community at its center.

We asked one guiding question: How did this year feel for the people affected most?

“One Year In Ferguson” is St. Louis Public Radio’s answer to that question.

Team members Brent Jones, Stephanie Lecci, Kelsey Proud and Bill Raack conceptualized and constructed the project, distilling raw materials from a year of constant, emotional, transparent reporting into a multimedia time-capsule.

The project juxtaposed perspectives from people who may have never met in real life and guided users through non-narrated, journalistic conversations about some of the year’s most difficult moments.

St. Louis Public Radio’s “One Year in Ferguson” captures how it sounded, looked and felt at the epicenter of a year marked by tragedy, action, reflection and change.