2018 General Excellence in Online Journalism, Micro Newsroom winner

About the Project is the first and only site dedicated to data journalism in Cuba. In Cuba, where public data are difficult to obtain due to connectivity and outdated data, we have often had to build or complete the data with which we work. Many of the articles we have published have had a high social impact, because they have contributed to inform Cubans and understand some phenomena thanks to the seriousness and commitment with which we address them. Some of the articles can be highlighted. In the article dealing with transfers of allegiance in athletics, the transfer of allegiance database of the last 20 years was built, showing that this is a multicausal problem that concerns the IAAF. Another of the articles, which deals with the topic of electric motorbikes, multiple sources of information were used from interviews to statistics reported by Panama about the visits of Cubans, and data were collected from more than three years of ads published in the web and different tools were programmed to process them and identify relevant data. Interactive visualizations were also created to show different elements, both covering geographic, brands or price issues, all to build a story that shows a topic that is multidimensional. Other articles that stand out are those that cover the Cuban electoral process. This is the first time that a coverage of the Cuban election process is made from the data analysis. To cover the process, in different proposals, the parliament was characterized, a data app was made where each person could analyze the parliament according to the criteria they cared about and it was analyzed how the next council of states of Cuba could be formed. Also a chatbot was created, by using machine learning, to predict the election results. Another relevant article was the one related with the private work in Cuba. There was no data available related to, so we ask the institution in charge of this topic for data. The petition was answered affirmatively, and in that way we had the data to carry out an in-depth characterization of private work in Cuba, something that had not been done before. has already obtained important acknowledgments. A work of ours was selected to be presented at the Latin American Research Congress COLPIN’2017 in the panel “Investigations using data”. In the first Cuban Congress Cybersociety’2017, in the solutions fair, won one of the prizes for its contribution to society and the innovative use of data analysis and information technologies. Likewise, we were invited to collaborate in the writing of the next Data Journalism Handbook edition. In the 2017 edition of the DataJournalism Awards, was nominated as “Data journalism Website of the Year” and in the 2018 edition we got two nominations: Saimi Reyes -editor in chief- was shorlisted as “Student and young data journalist of the year” and Yudivián Almeida -data editor- was nominated in the category “Best Portfolio” where the jury awarded him with an Honorable Mention.