2014 Gannett Foundation Award for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism finalist

Quartz Chartbuilder



About the Project

Chartbuilder is an open-source tool that helps anyone with data create simple, good-looking charts—no more screenshots from Excel or government PDFs. It began as a tool for the Quartz newsroom, empowering all of our reporters to make their own charts in our house style. In July 2013, we open-sourced the code behind Chartbuilder, so anyone could use and build on the tool. It’s now regularly used in newsrooms ranging from FiveThirtyEight to NPR to CNBC, transforming how visual journalism is done and who can do it. Developers, meanwhile, have contributed back to the open-source project, improving Chartbuilder for everyone. It’s a shining example of open-source journalism having a real and immediate impact on news production.