2022 James Foley Award for Conflict Reporting winner

Serhii Korovainyi

About Serhii

Serhii Korovainyi is a photojournalist covering the Russian-Ukrainian war. A frequent contributor to Wall Street Journal, he has also worked with Time, Washington Post, The Guardian, Financial Times, and others. In personal projects, Serhii focuses on conflict, environmental issues, refugees, healthcare and more.

As a Fulbright scholar, Serhii received his MA in Photography at Syracuse University, NY, USA.

Serhii’s works have been showcased at multiple personal and group exhibitions in Ukraine and worldwide.

Announcement Video

What the Selection Committee said

The war in Ukraine presents one of the most challenging and dangerous environments for photojournalists. Working for publications like the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian, freelancer Serhii Korovainyi’s images offer thoughtful and nuanced insight into the experiences of those living through war.

From the frontlines to places of worship, Korovainyi transports viewers into moments that might otherwise be missed. His deep understanding and years of work in the country result in images that humanize, educate, and spark empathy. Serhii exemplifies the moral courage that Jim aspired to and continues his brave legacy through the exceptional quality of his work.