2014 Planned News/Events, Large Newsroom finalist

Superstorm Sandy


About the Project

Superstorm Sandy’s impact was felt throughout Long Island more than a year after it hit, and was there to document and tell the stories of Long Islanders.

We spent most of the year shooting and producing a powerful multimedia documentary that told the story of Superstorm Sandy and its continuing impact through the lives of six Long Islanders. For this mammoth project we built an innovative hybrid video/interactive platform that allowed users to control the storytelling, choosing which moments to explore more deeply whether via short clips, graphics or photos.

We also built an interactive that showcased the stories of 50 LIers a year after Sandy, utilizing powerful videos and a mosaic format that showcased the diversity of LI’s stories. We pulled together a before-and-after photo slider that showed the extent of damage immediately after Sandy, and what the same spot looked like a year later so users could judge for themselves the progress or lack thereof.

And we did a series of live chats with three experts to help Long Islanders with their continuing questions about everything from insurance reimbursements to building permits.