2023 General Excellence in Online Journalism, Large Newsroom finalist

The Globe and Mail

About the Project

The Globe and Mail is an audience-focused newsroom with a clarity of purpose: Deliver exceptional, exclusive – and useful – journalism that Canadians are willing to pay for. Two-thirds of our revenue comes from readers, reflecting the value audiences place on our journalism.

With 250 journalists, we have the flexibility to experiment with new ideas, but also the resources to cover the stories of the day. Our visuals team continues to innovate with storytelling tools that push the boundaries of our CMS, often rewarded by reader praise for our new approaches to journalism.

The Long Road Ahead combined data journalism with the latest photographic technology to provide an immersive look at the rebuilding of a critical piece of Canadian infrastructure devastated by extreme weather.

We published the Pope’s apology for the church’s role in Canada’s residential school systems alongside detailed annotations providing a deeper understanding of what it might mean. We also brought readers a personal experience of reconciliation through a multimedia story of one survivor.

Our interactive content offers value to readers, including an inflation calculator that allows individuals to see how the changing economic climate affects them personally, and an in-depth visual explainer that acts as an intuitive entry point for a continuing series on the global migration crisis.

Our investigations team combed through years of financial records and hundreds of pages of legal files to uncover proof that Hockey Canada – the institution governing Canada’s national sport at amateur and professional levels – had a secret fund. Using players’ registration fees, the fund paid out millions of dollars for sexual assault claims over several years. Publishing more than 60 articles in seven months, Globe journalists changed the course of federal hearings, and played an integral role in reshaping the governance of Hockey Canada and other sports organizations.

A team of reporters, data and visual journalists dug into the cause – and the refusal to heed warnings of impending disaster – of a devastating gas well explosion in downtown Wheatley, Ont. Our presentation of the story combined narrative journalism, photography and graphics that explained why the hydrogen sulphide released in the explosion was so dangerous.

Committed to documenting the war in Ukraine, The Globe has a reporter and local Ukrainian photographer on the ground, ensuring we can provide a firsthand look at what is happening and its global effects, including the flood of refugees heading into Poland and beyond. We have been able to share intimate portraits of suffering and resilience, documenting in words and pictures how the lives of eight Ukrainians have changed since the Russian invasion.

The Globe and Mail’s journalism led the pack at a wide range of awards this year, including the National Newspaper Awards, Digital Publishing Awards and Michener Award for public service (presented by the Governor General).