2017 Excellence in Audio Digital Storytelling, Small Newsroom finalist

The Long Shot

Alexa Lim and Daniel Peterschmidt

Science Friday

Excellence in Audio Digital Storytelling, Small Newsroom


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About the Project

Most searches for extraterrestrial life are focused outward — radio arrays scouring the skies for alien signals or probes testing the surface of Mars. But one researcher believes that evidence for life beyond our planet can be found right here on Earth.

The Long Shot uses animation, audio, and text to tell the story Peter Schultz, a geologist who studies impact glass, rocks that are sometimes made when meteorites crash into planets. Schultz has found evidence that grass can be preserved in impact glass, and he is now on a quest to show that other forms of organic life could have hitched along as well, possibly planting themselves on Mars.

By combining various types of media, we hoped to bring Schultz’s story to life and highlight the implications his experiments have on the search for extraterrestrial life.