2023 Excellence in Audio Digital Storytelling, Current Affairs finalist

The Take

About the Project

The Take podcast is a global news and current affairs show hosted by award-winning journalist Malika Bilal. It goes beyond the headlines, offering listeners a deeper understanding of events happening worldwide. With a commitment to unraveling the facts and emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and accuracy, The Take stands out in the realm of current affairs.

In “Iran’s Gen Z movement and the hashtag wars,” we shed light on bold protests in Iran led by teenage girls. Using their social media skills on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, these young activists draw global attention to their fight for freedom. In an era where misinformation runs rampant and trust in the media is at an all-time low, delving into the hashtag wars also became crucial. The episode raises important questions about the authenticity and motives behind the movement.

In “Drones have shaped the Ukraine war. Are ‘killer robots’ far off?”, we looked into the use of autonomous drones in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The Ukrainian army increasingly relies on drones for surveillance, artillery correction, and weapon deployment. The episode examines the ethical implications and potential future consequences of deploying drones and other “killer robots” on the battlefield.

Finally, in “Why do so few Israelis refuse the military draft?”, we shed light on the low number of Israelis who openly refuse military service due to the occupation of Palestinian territories. Despite recognition by international human rights groups of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as apartheid, few Israelis take the radical step of openly refusing the military draft. The episode presents firsthand accounts from two individuals who made that rare decision.

What sets The Take apart is its ability to transcend conventional news reporting. It showcases the voices of everyday people as much as those in power. The podcast provides a comprehensive view of global events, emphasizing power structures and amplifying marginalized voices.

Our production team brings a deliberately global perspective, rooted in our personal connections and experiences worldwide. The Take’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and accurate reporting sets a high standard for global audio journalism. By focusing on stories overlooked by mainstream news outlets and highlighting the experiences of those directly affected, The Take provides a visa-free passport to diverse perspectives on current affairs.