2023 Sports, Health and Wellness, Large Newsroom finalist


About the Project

An interdisciplinary team in VGs newsroom has collaborated on reporting, technology and presentation to shine a light on women’s vaginal health. Overall, the series combines articles featuring different women, who describe their experiences living with various vaginal conditions, with an interactive 3D model which goes into details about how these conditions manifest physically.

Each article combines video recordings, several of which the women have made themselves, with texts and other graphical elements, to make the package both intimate, personal and factually firm. The presentation plays into modern readership expectations, with a user experience familiar from apps like Instagram, few and to the point texts and clever use of space, typography and graphical elements. Each article and page is responsive, and adapts seamlessly to whatever device and aspect ratio the reader is using.

In addition to the case articles, there is one page dedicated to the whole of the vagina and one to the clitoris and pleasure system in particular. The page covering the vagina features a self-developed 3D model and presentation system, through which the user can scroll to learn about the different parts of the organ, along with common – but not often discussed – conditions which affect it. This particular page is also translated into several languages, in an attempt to reach readership from cultures where these things are even less spoken of than in the western mainstream.