2021 Sports, Health and Wellness, Large Newsroom winner

Sports and the Pandemic

Judges comments

The portfolio shows the value of using many entry points to tell the story of the pandemic. The breadth of the portfolio was impressive. The New York Times consistently sets the standard and this entry was no different.

About the Project

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and it was clear that it would have an enormous effect on sports and almost everything else in the world, we knew it would be important to connect the hardships and trials felt throughout sports with the difficulties those outside sports were experiencing. That idea took many forms and challenged us to be dynamic in our approaches — especially considering that the pandemic itself challenged our ability to report. Our teamwork, thorough reporting and willingness to experiment with our presentation on these stories allowed us to explore widely different themes in a cohesive way, and to get readers to stop and reflect on the most meaningful questions of the pandemic.