2015 The David Teeuwen Student Journalism Award, Large Newsroom finalist



About the Project

This project was created by 17 students in their second year of a journalism diploma program, supervised by two faculty. The students created all of the visuals, wrote the text, shot and cut the video, and developed the overall design of the website. Here is the description:

#Whatarethechances your gender, race, income, or a mental illness will limit your opportunities as a Gen Y? Perhaps the way that your race or culture is portrayed in the mainstream media will impact the way a potential friend looks at you. What about your gender, sexual orientation or identity? Maybe the amount of money that your family makes will limit what sports you play or where you can go to school. And what about a mental illness? Will you be stigmatized for circumstances outside of your control? Society’s perceptions and expectations of how certain people should act often override reality. The Millennials are collectively a group of 80 Million 18-29 year olds, but their circumstances are unique. It might be 2014, but there are many factors that divide Gen Y. We’re setting out to discover #whatarethechances?