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Why Some White Evangelicals Are Rethinking Their Politics

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White evangelicals are often seen as a solidly Republican voting bloc. In the 2020 election, 84 percent of them voted for Donald Trump. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, many of Trump’s supporters began identifying as evangelical during his presidency.

But white evangelicals aren’t a monolith. In this video, meet two devout evangelicals who were raised in conservative households, but are now self-proclaimed “progressives.” They both say that their political views became more liberal as they immersed themselves deeper into their faith.

This video offered a counter-narrative to the idea that white evangelical Americans are all Republican voters. It’s easy to block off large segments of the electorate into groups that believe the same ideas and vote the same way — particularly a group like white evangelical protestants, who do hold a lot of political power in America. But by listening to individual voters, particularly ones who are “outliers” in these groups, we’re reminded that each voter engages with democracy with their own set of morals and priorities.