2014 Breaking News, Medium Newsroom finalist

Atlanta Winter Storm


About the Project

The team at Channel 2 Action News covered a major winter storm on multiple digital platforms at a level likely not seen before by a local news station.

For three straight days, more than 60 reporters and photographers blanketed north Georgia to cover a snow and ice event that left people stranded in their homes.

The team created more than 200 pieces of video for our digital platforms that did not air on broadcast television, using a variety of tools from iPhones to Google Glass. We used those videos and social media to constantly update a live blog for 72 hours during the storm and keep viewers informed with constant updates on Facebook and Twitter. streamed 39 consecutive hours of live television coverage and streamed hours of additional live video feeds including 4 live tower cams and narrated streaming cameras from our news vehicles as they tried to navigate ice and snow.

This breaking news event came just one week after another major storm, meaning nearly all staff members spent two out of three weeks eating and sleeping at the TV station.

Our coverage led to immediate changes in Georgia’s emergency planning – including a new governor’s task force that now includes our chief meteorologist.