2020 Digital Video Storytelling, Short Form winner



About the Project

“Of all the vexing fossil mysteries that have confounded paleontologists, few have been as persistent as that of Helicoprion – the name given to petrified whorls of elongated teeth that look like 270 million year old renditions on the theme of buzzsaw. What sort of animal did this Paleozoic remnant belong to, and where did the circular blade actually fit on the animal?“

This is how our digital science story begins. A talented team of 13 people, including producers, an artist, videographer, narrator, researcher, photographers and a text editor, who doubled as a model, re-imagined this dense, scientific discovery into a very playful, easily digestible narrative, shot in our photo studio. With the concept of an old movie as the creative conceit, they used photogrammetry from the shark model combined with animation and real video footage to create an infographic explainer on creative steroids.

Be sure to watch the last chapter for fun behind the scenes video shot in the studio.