2017 General Excellence in Online Journalism, Medium Newsroom winner

Le Temps

About the Project

This year we have created dozens of long forms, data-driven and visual stories. We produced them using our own toolbox, adding new templates. Our long form on “Heavy Fuel Oil” received the best digital journalism project award at the Swiss Press Awards 2017 (the main Media awards in Switzerland).

1- Longform: China’s ski industry:
2- Longform: Heavy fuel oil, the impure blood of globalization: Award: Swiss Press Online 2017 prize:
3- Longform: Inside Mossoul’s battle:
4- Visual Story: Time machine in Vaud canton:
5- Visual Story: 11/9, The lost war:
6- Visual Story: Prisons:
7- Interactive Jukebox: Best new Swiss music:
8- Interactive comic: Death penalty (by cartoonist Chappatte):
9- Data-Driven Investigation: Health insurance prices:
10- Timeline: The rise of ISIS:

Video explainers

The video team is made up of two people. They produced many explainer videos using motion design, original field reports and product testing videos. We always try to bring an original perspective when creating new video contents.

1- Explainer: How to dismantle a nuclear power plant:
2- Explainer: Wechat:
3. Explainer: The protestant Reformation:
4. Explainer: Decoding baby crying:
5. Report: Real-life soccer players play FIFA video game:
6- Report: «My instrument is my voice»:
7- Explainer: The Cahuzac case:
8- Test: Samsung gear VR:

Social media and engagement

We want to continue building a social media community that is involved, both online and offline. We set up regular meetings with our Facebook fans by inviting them to meet us physically. We have organized various Facebook Live events, specifically featuring our reporters when they come back from the field. We have created a YouTube-like video series on books that brings together readers and journalists around the same passion.

We want to be useful to our community. In regards to the recent wave of fake news, we have produced a serie of video tutorials for our readers on how to make the difference between truth and lies on the Internet.

1- Meeting our Facebook fans IRL:
2- Facebook Live: Solar Impulse:
3- Facebook Live: Back to Mosul:
4- Booktube, season 2 (one example):
5- «Fake news» tutorials:

Metrics and impact

To move away from the tyranny of the «click», we have set up the Zombie-project. This tool will help us measure the quality and the impact of our stories.

Zombie will automatically mine all the contents generated by Le Temps. It will assign each article a relevance quality score based on average reading time, viewing history and level of engagement on social media.

Zombie can also find our “evergreen” articles that are sleeping in our archives. Using these quality scores, Zombie will try to match previously published articles to the day’s hottest topics. These articles could be worth republishing on Le Temps’ website or reposting on its social media pages. Zombie will send its suggestions to the Le Temps web editor and community manager via a daily email and with Slackbot.