2023 Digital Video Storytelling, Series, Large Newsroom finalist

Start Here

About the Project

Start Here is the flagship digital explainer series for Al Jazeera English, published on YouTube and Facebook. From the situation in Afghanistan to the outbreak of fighting in Sudan, we help people navigate the complicated world of international news by taking the big stories and breaking them down so they’re easy to understand. We won’t just tell you what happened. We unpick the complicated stuff with elegant graphics, give you the backstory, tell you why a story matters and how it affects people — usually in around 10 minutes.

It’s a show that millions of viewers regularly turn to, in order to understand a breaking story or complex issue. All of our content is fronted by Sandra Gathmann, an experienced journalist whose calm delivery and assured tone has become synonymous with the Start Here brand and the trust it inspires.

Start Here’s core strategy is simple and resonates strongly with our audience – no hype, no agenda, no gimmicks; just high-quality journalism, engaging storytelling and creative production to give people the information they need to cut through the confusion and form their own views about issues that matter.

In a world where the news media can be so polarized, and people are increasingly unsure who to trust, what Start Here is doing in the digital media space is more important than ever.