2019 Excellence in Immersive and Emerging Technology Storytelling finalist


About the Project

SwampScapes is an immersive documentary (360º video) of Florida’s most endangered ecosystem: the Everglades. The film transports participants to seven diverse ecosystems offering an intimate journey into the Everglades. From the treetops of urban hammocks to the pristine sloughs of the Fakahatchee, discover the passionate protectors of Florida’s wetlands. Accompany Betty, a Miccosukee water activist on an airboat bat ride through the river of grass. Follow Donna, a raptor biologist, to the heights of a hawk’s nest in her quest to understand extinction. Plunge into waters that Larry, an algae expert, is testing to uncover the long-term consequences of fertilizers. SwampScapes explores the complex relationship between humans and this extraordinary ecosystem.

Cast and Crew

  • Directors: Elizabeth Miller, Kim Grinfeder, Juan Carlos Zaldivar
  • Cinematography: Kim Grinfeder
  • Script: Elizabeth Miller
  • Editing: Juan Carlos Zaldivar & Liz Miller
  • Sound Recording: Juan Carlos Zaldivar
  • Sound Mix: Adrian Morales-Demori
  • Stitching & color correction: Kim Grinfeder

Larry Brant, Reverend Houston R. Cypress, Cheryl Dykstra, Win Everham, Donna Molfetto, Betty Osceola, Mike Owen, Larry Pace