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The Dallas Shootings


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About the Project

On July 7, a peaceful protest was ending in downtown Dallas. It was a rally like many across the country — sparked by the deaths of black men shot by police in Baton Rouge, a suburb of St. Paul and other cities.

Then, suddenly, the atmosphere changed. A gunman opened fire. Five officers were killed. Nine others, and two civilians, were injured.

KERA assembled a montage of the voices, sounds and images that captured Dallas on that night and the following day.

Javier Giribet-Vargas, a KERA intern, was covering the protests when the shots began. He gathered sound and images at the scene.

Producers and reporters recorded updates from city officials and officers as well as remarks from religious leaders at an interfaith prayer service in Dallas the next day.

Each step of the breaking news event was made clear and contextualized as a single auditory piece.