2022 Topical Reporting: Olympics and Paralympics Coverage, Large Newsroom winner

Visualizing the Athleticism of the Olympics

About the Project

As an exploration of speed, fear, precision, creativity and collaboration, the Olympics stand out as a shining example of what humans are capable of when pushed to the limits of their abilities.

As an organization tasked with covering them, The New York Times asks no less of itself.

— We invited three elite runners to run on the world’s fastest treadmill to examine the differences between running fast and running far.

— We showed how a world champion Paralympic skier skis with her ears.

— We took a deeper look at a champion skier’s medal-winning signature moves.

— We examined how one of the best climbers in the world prepares to compete in a new way.

— We tracked gymnasts from the floor to the beam to the bars and brought our readers along for the ride.

Judges Comments

‘Visualizing the Athleticism of the Olympics’ is visually compelling and explains the nuance of certain sports in an easily digestible and creative way, pushing the boundaries of what can be done. This entry does a phenomenal job connecting the writing/reporting and the visuals.