2017 Sports, Health and Wellness, Large Newsroom winner

Francesco Totti King of Rome

About the Project

After a 24 year long career as a soccer player, Francesco Totti – il Capitano – the leader of Roma’s football team, quit the show. This interactive and visual feature describes Totti – who is a sort of a myth for Roma fans, and a respected and admired champion for all soccer fans in the world – from different points of view: the rise of his legend (he was no more than a boy when he played his first game in Serie A championship); his tactical and technical evolution; all the 316 goals scored during his career; and his transformation into an icon, with murals on the streets and comics inspired by his character.

We wanted to create an innovative and original work, so we decided to represent Totti with animated illustrations. The desktop version starts with an interactive menu, consisting of four links to the main contents: 1) the “Spirit of il Capitano” story (animated scrolling); 2) the tactical evolution (animated scrolling); 3) all Totti’s goals (interactive database); 4) Totti’s street art (video).

For the mobile version, the main menu links are represented in individual graphic cards.