2019 Sports, Health and Wellness, Large Newsroom finalist

Paddling for Gold

About the Project

The story was a part of Seattle Times coverage of the 2018 Special Olympics. It combines informative, animated infographics with video story telling on the life of athlete Devon Adelman. The elements of this story are combined in a seamless design the leads the viewer through the narrative but also give them control of the pacing of the story.

We wanted to change how a viewer interacts with a video story. Instead of passively watching, like most videos, we created an experience where the viewer controlled the speed and narrative flow of this video story. By default the video story would play like any other video (start to finish), but we added a navigation bar at top with a few word descriptions so that the viewer could leap to other video chapters.

We also incorporated animated graphics that blended with the video imagery to explain the process of paddleboarding and to show how the course ran.

We hope that the presentation helped bring more attention to Devon and to stand up paddleboarding as a competitive sport.