2021 General Excellence in Online Journalism, Medium Newsroom finalist

Univision News Digital

About the Project

This series of multimedia projects––including special packages and one-off publications––illustrates the work of the Univision News Digital team and its commitment to reporting about and for the Latinx community in the US. During 2020 we continued to pay close attention to issues around immigration policy that directly impact our audience. This coverage includes an in-depth investigation about the effects of the Migrant Protection Protocols––one of the Trump administration’s harshest immigration policies––as well as the long-term effects of the adoption of massive immigration raids.

As the pandemic started, Latino communities across the country were hard hit. They were infected at disproportionately higher rates and felt the impact of the economic crisis that followed. These conditions had a significant impact on the mental health of Latino communities, and by September of 2020, 55% of Latinos had reported feeling sad, depressed or hopeless.

All of these projects center the voices of those affected by these issues, amplifying their voices and stories, and question the ways in which institutions and decades of inequities have impacted marginalized communities. In addition, most of these projects feature undocumented immigrants, which presents reporting challenges. We are extremely careful in protecting our sources and making sure that we conduct reporting in the most ethical and humane way.

In terms of format, these projects seamlessly integrate in-depth research, video, photography and graphics, resulting in visually engaging and illuminating multimedia pieces. Moreover, they were all published in English and Spanish, to make sure that a much wider audience could access them.