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George Floyd’s Biracial Cousin Finds Her Place in the Fight for Racial Justice


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About the Project

At a summer protest in Washington state, KING 5 reporters first met Shayla Zartman – George Floyd’s cousin. As she was taking a public stand against racism, Shayla was quietly fighting a years-long racial reckoning of her own. “Enough” is a multi-platform project about Shayla’s journey to find her place in the world, as the daughter of a white mother and a Black father, who grew up in an overwhelmingly white community. Caught in the middle — never Black enough to be Black; never white enough to be white — some multiracial men and women live their whole lives without coming to terms with their identity. Floyd’s killing would help Shayla
discover hers.

Reporters effectively used multiple mediums to tell Shayla’s story, reaching unique
audiences on different platforms. This entry includes:

1.) A multimedia digital narrative (included as the primary link) that explores, in detail, the reasons why Shayla struggled to understand her racial identity and the deeply destructive toll of her confusion. The story consists of text, video, photo galleries and excerpts from Shayla’s journal entries.

2.) A longform video story about Shayla’s journey (included as the supplemental link) that aired on December 13, 2020 in the final episode of “Facing Race,” a weekly KING-TV broadcast about racial injustices in the Pacific Northwest. KING-TV viewers who watched the broadcast version of this story were invited to receive the link to the digital narrative by texting the word “enough” to a provided number. The video story was also included at the end of the digital narrative.”